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Article: Valentines Days Recipes | If food is your love language it's a match

Two people holding a heart shaped cookie dough making a valentines day recipe together .
Goan recipes

Valentines Days Recipes | If food is your love language it's a match

Love & Food Make The World Go Round

With Valentines day around the corner, your social media is bombarded with pictures of happy couples on beachside vacations, grand gestures for proposing ‘the one’ and self love and care manifestos. . All these grand gestures are okay but have you ever tried coming home to a table set for two?

Here is a love story starring the two most important elements of our lives : People & Food.
Not in any specific order though . “ We live more than 20 hours of their day as an individual being. The only time we get to be a couple is our dinner time when we share food together.”
Food is not the theme but essential background to a loving relationship.”Breaking bread together is my love language” says Neha, a Bangalore based entrepreneur and baker.
Neha & Sujoy are both busy individuals but they never miss their dinner together.

This Instagram post from one of our patrons makes us wonder if love & food is all we need.

And maybe it is. At Home Kouzina, we believe that and we have created some recipes and slow ground blends to help you express your love with food. So this valentines bring in your aprons, a ladle, some ingredients and read on to cook the perfect romance.

The Appetisers : Recheado Eggplant/ Zucchini.
The Main Course : Mushroom/ Chicken Xacuti with an Indian bread of your choice or white rice.
Recommended : Pair this with a white wine and strawberry sangria or add some Soda and lemon to Kokum juice for a beautiful sparkler.
The Recipes :
For our eggplant recheado recipe visit this link.

A Goan Affair :

Marinate the chicken or the oyster mushrooms with ginger-garlic paste and salt and turmeric. Roast 1 chopped onions and grated coconut till golden brown. Once cool,add the Home Kouzina Xacuti Masala, water and blend it in a grinder to make a smooth paste.
Fry a sliced onion and add the chicken or mushrooms to the pot when half done add the blended paste and cook for another 20-30 minutes to tenderize the chicken and mushrooms. Cook on a simmeredd flame. 

Serve garnished with lemon juice and coriander along with white rice

A valentine

Love & Labor Simplified

We do realize that not all of us are culinary experts but there is a simple yet effective way to woo your partner, serve them love in a cup…If you want to give them a perfect start to Valentine's day just make them a special Masala Chai. Add their favorite snacks and serve a desi dose of love early in the morning. Make a toast to love and togetherness as you take a warm sip.
Or make it an early evening plan with a rom-com of your choice, get some popcorn and your masala chai.  Remember Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate all kinds of love. Spend some quality time with your partner or your family over tea and celebrate a day of love with things that matter the most.

Our Masala tea blends are made from some secret spices curated by ‘Chai experts’. Add some warmth and love to the cup with our Chai masala.

Home Kouzina Valentine's Gift Boxes

Valentine's day or not food is an eternal love language. Get these limited time Valentine’s day bundles for a year round experience and expression of love.
Our valentine’s day bundles has everything you need stir the perfect romance in the kitchen. Our traditional blends will ensure that you save some time without compromising on the authentic taste of the cuisine.

Just a little cautionary tip…
DO NOT GIFT these as is to your spouse. We have added some labor in preparing these naturally sourced ingredients, slow grounded spices. Add some of your love and make them yours.

The Goan Valentines : 

In case you are not the one for a Xacuti, we have an array of options from our Goan Masalas. Try the new Vindalho Masala or our Recheado paste to create some meaty curries you and your partner have never tried. After all a little experimentation is the secret to a joyous relationship. Check out our range of Goan spices.

Valentines'Day | Make it Special

Setting up the table for your valentine:

  • Here are some beautiful ideas to set up your Valentine’s day dinner table :

    Valentine’s Day Tips : Add a little red to the table with a scented strawberry candle and some flowers. Get a red velvet dessert or make a quick strawberry mousse ice cream at home.
  • Build a Valentines day playlist for your loved one preferably one with your personal favorites.
    If you want to make it special buy him or her a Valentine's day themed outfit. There is no valentines day dress code as such! Tone down the red with a pastel pink and white.
  • Think of some personalized gifts and build a memory boxes with pictures of your favorite times together.
  • Some couples opt to celebrate Valentine's Day with a cozy night in, preparing homemade meals together. Cooking together can be a fun and intimate way to bond and create lasting memories.

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