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Chef Crescentia

Goan Culinary Trio

Goan Culinary Trio

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Goan fish curry masala 150g , Xacuti masala  150g and  Vindalho Masala 150g.

These three exquisite masalas are the key to unlocking the vibrant flavors of the most popular Goan dishes.

Meticulously prepared in small batches, Chef Crescentia's family recipes bring the authentic taste of Goa to your kitchen. What sets our Goan Culinary Trio apart is the unwavering commitment to using only natural ingredients. No artificial preservatives or additives make their way into these aromatic blends, ensuring a truly genuine and wholesome Goan dining experience. Savor the essence of Goa with each delightful creation made possible by our Goan Culinary Trio.

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