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Article: Masala Chai With Masala Puns | There is No Formali-tea

a chai cup smoking a cinnamon cigarette and wearing  black glasses.
Chai Masala

Masala Chai With Masala Puns | There is No Formali-tea

Don't just have chai, have some masala chai

There is no secret that in India we love our Masala Chai and Chai Masala. Tea was not native to us. First we adopted it and then we adapted it. And now Chai is the most loved Global food from India. Be it that office -break, gossip session or an unannounced visit, the first thing we end up offering ourselves and people is Chai…
We anyway took a lot of Liber-tea ( pun intended ) with Chai when we added a whole lot of spices to it. So why stop at that ? Here are 10 chai puns and chai facts. Tea is served…

Why can’t India & China not Get Along? Cause they said Chai-Na!

Nobody refuses chai! Among other things that China & India have in common is tea. Our neighbors prefer green tea over the milky Masala Chai. Our guess is all border skirmishes have happened over this  ! Though it is interesting to note that one of the most popular milk teas in China is the Hong Kong-style milk tea. Stemming from the British practice of adding milk to black tea, the signature drink in Hong Kong is strained through a sackcloth to encourage smoothness, thus also known as "silk stocking milk tea". we are optimistic because of this newfound common ground.

Tum mujhe Chai do … (Nahin toh main waise bhi le lunga…)

Subhash Chandra Bose outline with kulhad tea ans telbahaja

Khedu Shaw established Lakshmi Narayan Shaw and Sons in the year 1918 is also known as Netaji's shop as he often visited the joint to grab a bite. Bose while studying at the Scottish Church College in North Kolkata would drop by to eat the famous Telebhaja (fritters ) and bharer cha {tea in clay cups}.
Funnily enough , during the inception of the nationalist movement, figures such as Gandhi, who advocated for Indian independence, initiated a boycott against tea, viewing it as a representation of British tyranny. However, despite this initial resistance and after years of marketing efforts, tea gradually gained popularity across India. And then we owned it. The CTC ( Crush, tear, curl) produced a strong bitter variety. Unlike the british who preferred mild tea, we added masala to our chai for health benefits and an incomparable taste.

3 words we fear : Climate Change Consequences? Nope… Chai-pati Khattam Hogayi!

Tell the Indians they won’t get chai if the global climate keeps changing like this and you may have some real effective solutions to turn that dooms day clock. On the upside India has started taking the sustainable growth of tea seriously. We are applying data analysis with AI and the newest techniques to make tea a sustainable cash crop. Read this ET report 

Chai Tea- Latte ? Nope. Masala Chai laate hain….

After Starbucks launched the Chai-Tea -Latte, a nation of 1.4 Billion people was livid. We made peace with it eventually, considering that our friends in the west shouldn’t miss out on this cultural phenomena. But we can’t just let them misappropriate tea… No body wants the Starbucks version, once they get to the real recipe anyway. Re-packaging tea and selling it to us ? nope, we will stick to our masala chai !

It’s not my cup of chai - said no one ever!

Performance development discussions are going on we recommend you send this one to your boss so that you can tone it down with tea.Your cup of tea or not, just when you need a little motivation, get yourself a tea.Imposter syndrome getting to you?  take a tea break and some masala chai. The combination of black tea and spices in chai offers notable advantages for cognitive function, both in the short and long term. Studies indicate that the aroma of cinnamon alone can enhance attention and memory. Additionally, the caffeine and L-theanine present in black tea have been associated with enhanced focus. 

Chai hai thoda pyaar…

We said it - nothing says love better than masala chai. And this little meme is a wonderful dedication to lovers of retro bollywood and Masala Chai. Play some songs from the 70s and 80s and enjoy a perfect end to the day with a smile.

Tere Waaste Falak Se Main Chai Laaunga …

Chand taare should be left to ISRO and NASA. Just make them some tea and playfully annoy them when you serve it with this meme. You might want to add some chai masala to spice things up.

SPILL THE TEA… Never Literally !

SPILL THE TEA…  Never Literally !
The only think we love more than tea is TEA with our tea. So yes, gather your girlfriends and chatter away …but never spill the masala chai literally cause it causes more heartburns than those stupid rumors anyway.

50 shades but one taste for chai …

In India, Chai is comes in all shapes and forms, much like our demographics. Irani Chai from Hyderabad is a paler brown but you won’t complain because it is creamy and thick in texture. Bombay cutting is tough love in a glass to whack you out of the morning stupor and get to work! Kadak chai is not pale ochre brown, it’s near sunset orange. We have the romantically pink Noon Chai from Kashmir and the omnipresent Masala Chai. This country loves its tea! That is a given.

You cannot ignore a chaiwala …

Hate him or love him, you cannot ignore him. At the risk of making it slightly poli-tea-cal... We love every chaiwala. The one who was there outside the office when we were having a bad day at work. The one outside the examination room after a dicey exam. The one who brought us Chai on a tedious train journey. A chaiwala is someone who basically ends all crisis for us. So yes.. Chai-hiye hi Chai-hiye. 

Launching Home Kouzina's Chai Masalas

We know that yo have your own dear recipe for a chai masala but this one promises to add zing to your every day tea on the go!We know how to create that spiced Masala Chai the best way , every day. So if you are craving for some real tea after reading all these Chai puns, we have you covered! Order our Chai Masalas today… It’s called Serendipi-tea.

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