Our story

A great Home Chefs website

There are some days that you just crave that dish that just reminds you of home, or of that holiday you took, or that meal at a friend's home. Food that is just flavour and memories. Food that can only be made at home, with love and patience. That is the food we want to bring to you.

At Home Kouzina, we are creating a community that is passionate about food and is building connection through a shared exploration of family recipes, food culture and meals.

We curate the most delicious and authentic recipes, made by local, food-safety certified home chefs. Small batches, cooked with patience and love.

Our Chefs are your neighbours, your aunties, uncles, dadis, nanis, ajjis, aais, beavis and ammas. They are stay at home parents, weekend chefs and budding restaurateurs. They are from different parts of the country, and some of them have lived in different parts of the world. What is common to all of them though, is the care with which they make each dish, in their home kitchens, for their families, friends and you.

Why We Do What We Do?

We want to enable chefs in our communities to find the opportunity to earn and grow on their own terms. We keep a flexible model based on pre-ordering that allows chefs to plan when they want to cook, how much they want to cook and the pricing they want to set.

With such a diverse food heritage, our home chefs help you explore and experience a part of their culture through the meals they cook.

Every meal that you order is a little step in creating a movement that not only helps local chefs earn, but also helps communities connect and grow together.