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If you love cooking, and want to turn your talent into a business opportunity, we would love to partner with you.

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We want to enable chefs in our community to have an opportunity to earn and grow, on their own terms.With Home Kouzina, you get to decide when you want to cook, how much you want to cook and how you price your food. We will bring you the customers, and manage the coordination.Interested? There's more Whether you are a seasoned home chef or just starting out, our team has experts that will help you with all your needs. We help you with food photography, menu design, pricing tips and access to suppliers. Letting you focus on your passion for creating delicious food.Here is how to join us 

Signing Up Is Easy. Registration Is Completely Free.

Submit a sample of your favorite dishes for a tasting. Complete the food safety checks and registration process.Design your menu, and pick your schedule. Choose how much and how often you would like to cook.Reach out to us at ask@homekouzina.com,  and our Chef Support team will walk you through the process.

Homechef registration form

    Declaration:I hereby certify that all information given by me in this form is correct to the best ofmy knowledge. In the event of any information or part of it is found false orincorrect, requisite legal action can be taken against me by the Company and myHomeChef registration shall automatically stand cancelled/terminated.I have read and understood all the terms and conditions, including but not limited tothe Company policies, and hereby extend my voluntary irrevocable consent to abideby them.  

    Chef FAQs

    Home Kouzina is a food aggregator catered by home chefs. A lot of home chefs have an inherent passion for cooking and want to earn an income from it without the added money and risk of starting a restaurant. With Home Kouzina, we want to provide an opportunity for such home chefs by connecting them with customers who are unable to cook but want home cooked meals.

    Home Kouzina wants to partner with you, the Home Chef, and provide you the flexibility to choose what you cook and when. You can decide based on your schedule or based on the amount of income you want to generate. There is no pressure to cook every meal or large quantities. Say your children go to school and you can cook during lunch. Or you work and are only free two days a week. Or you have friends coming on Friday and can make extra portions of food. All cool! Or perhaps your parents are visiting or you have to go to a wedding and you can’t cook. No pressure! You can focus on what is important. Oh, by the way, you don’t need a huge menu. Even 1-2 items on one occasion are fine. If you want to make more, that’s welcome as well.

    How will it work? You decide and let us know each Sunday how many times you will cook during the following week, what you plan to cook and the quantity you can make. We will promote your food and give you 24 hours advance notice of confirmed orders. So cook only the quantity that is confirmed. Your convenience and no wastage!

    Today, as a home chef, you communicate via Whatsapp groups, and you get leads from friends, families or previous customers. Then you have to let customers know that you are cooking today, what you are making, etc. Then they message you to place an order. Then you have to track the order quantity, and addresses and also chase customers for payment. And, let’s be honest, some folks cancel at the last minute or need 2-3 follow-ups before making the payment. And there are Whatsapp group policies and issues to deal with.

    At Home Kouzina, we want to help you follow your passion, which is cooking. The headache of finding customers, coordinating quantities/deliveries/payments is ours. You tell us what you will cook, when and in what quantity, leave the rest to us. .

    First of all, thank you for your interest and willingness to take the step to turn your passion into income. Becoming a chef with us is easy. Please call/whatsapp/email our team to sign up. Send your best dish to us for sampling and take the food safety training.

    Compliance: Make sure you are set up to meet government regulations. There are two government requirements.

    PAN number: If you don’t have a PAN already, here is the website (https://eportal.incometax.gov.in/iec/foservices/#/pre-login/instant-e-pan) to apply for the PAN and get a number immediately. Please have your Aadhar and registered phone number handy.

    FSSAI Licence: All home chefs should register with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. The process is simple and can be completed at the following link (https://foscos.fssai.gov.in/apply-for-lic-and-reg). Keep your Aadhar, lease/ownership deed and passport size photo handy. If you need assistance with the process, please reach out to our team and they will be happy to help.


    List your products: Here are the key steps.

    Food photography: Take photos of your creation from different angles to make the food look delicious and mouth watering. Or, if you want, you can call one of our food photographers (they will charge for the session).

    Your Profile: Home Kouzina is about celebrating the home chef. So you need to share a little bit about yourself. Where did you learn to cook, who inspired you, whose recipes have you perfected etc. We will also need a profile picture of yourself to go on the platform.

    Pricing: Our chef support team will provide guidance. Get ready for that conversation with a list of ingredients and approximate cost for one portion. The team will work with you to estimate delivery costs, taxes and platform fees to determine what would be the right pricing for your desired income levels.

    Food handling Training: We require all our home chefs to undergo a food safety training module. It will require only 1-2 hours of commitment. This training will include basics of handling food safely and a short quiz. (This training is under development and will be shared soon.) )

    Our model allows flexibility for the Home Chef to choose the schedule. The first step is to decide the number of times during a week you want to cook, how many menu items each time. Then there are two important principles to follow. First, each customer should get your best creation. Second, you are a home kitchen and not a commercial kitchen. So keeping in mind the effort for prep, cooking and cleaning is important.

    In our experience, as a new Home Chef, you could get about 3-4 orders each time for each menu item. As the awareness builds up, you could get 10-12 orders for each menu item. This growth obviously depends on your capacity, uniqueness of the menu item and how much the consumer likes the taste/quantity. Our team can work with you on steps to increase quantities once you have settled in on the platform

    The food will be delivered to the customer using a delivery service. Delivery services vary by city and often times even within the city. We will work with you to identify the best delivery service. Once setup, the delivery will be scheduled at the time of ordering. The rider will come to pick up the food at the agreed upon time slot (30 or 60 min).
    Before deciding pricing, you should determine the per portion cost of food and packaging. We can provide a template for your calculation. Once costs are clear, you should evaluate how similar dishes are priced in restaurants or by other Home Chefs on the platform. Home Kouzina’s support can also help you think through the price range once you have done the above analysis.
    Joining is free! Listing your creations is free. There is a fee to sell through the platform and is charged only when you have confirmed orders. This is for us to cover the cost of creating the platform, processing payments, marketing and all taxes associated with it.
    Yes, there are two types of agreements. The first one contains the Terms & Conditions of being a home chef on the Home Kouzina platform. This will contain basic agreements about listing, commitments to deliver, privacy of information etc. The second agreement is a commercial agreement, which lists out the commission, payment terms, customer refund policy etc.
    You will get paid automatically to your bank account the following Tuesday after the delivery of the food.
    Orders are only confirmed upon payment by the customers. 
    Home chef’s can procure appropriate non-leak packaging from most local markets. Home Kouzina can also supply packaging to home chefs as we procure directly from wholesalers for chefs who need it. We encourage chefs to compare pricing of packaging at local markets with the Home Kouzina rates to ensure maximising profit potential.