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Frequently Asked Questions.

Home Kouzina connects skilled home-chefs to customers looking for authentic, home-cooked dishes.

We want to enable chefs in our community to have an opportunity to earn and grow, on their own terms.  Do what they love doing, while we help them with spreading their network and coordination.

We also believe that food is a lot about memories and shared experiences. And nothing else brings those together like a wholesome, home cooked meal.

As foodies and home-chefs, we want to connect customers and chefs and bring delightful, curated meals to you.

The cut-off time for an order is 2 days before, at 8 PM. For example, for a delivery on Saturday, you need to place an order by Thursday 8 PM. 
Our chefs make meals in small batches, and to order. The cut-off allows them to procure materials, prep and prepare fresh food for you.  
The menu changes to reflect what is fresh and seasonal. We also  want our chefs to have the flexibility to decide what they want to cook. 
We have partnered with delivery companies across the market to deliver your food. 

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